Note Taking Tips for Preparation of Your Exam – Study smart tips

By | May 21, 2016

Note Taking Tips for Preparation of Your Exam – Study smart tips : The study notes, either way, the success of the competition. The selection process of candidates of your dreams, you need to take notes when you sit down to study. It must be that it is the custom, not only in practice.

Note Taking Tips for Preparation of Your Exam - Study smart tips

Why is it important to take notes?

Note serves as a means for examining

Help Memory: It is impossible to remember what I have learned. Therefore, they must take note.

Note habit of regularly active in saving, not ignorance and sleepy mood when I sit in preparation for the test.

You will learn to write notes in your own words.

A4 or notebook, what should I use?

Two most commonly used substances notes the majority of candidates Notebook long and A4. Both have advantages when used four sheets when you go to class library, only one file or folder, and some A4 paper is enough to make notes on various topics. In the event that your laptop, you will need to carry a notebook to all organizations.

Regardless of the materials can be, you need to keep your notes organized and secure. If you are using A4 paper, separate files and folders for each subject. If the length of the size of the notebook, use a separate notebook for each subject.

Note Taking Tips for Preparation of Your Exam - Study smart tips

Note-making from books :

Save your notes as soon as possible.

The candidates for the exam, you need to learn the basic studies textbooks and manuals carefully and for some materials. Here are my tips to take into account the most effective.

Include your mind, take notes.

Go unwanted information while reading material

Be sure to post your comments will be read in a long time.

Look at what you do not understand and get an explanation from others.

Deciding what is the extent of his words. Are you ready to set 1,2,4, VAO? , Decide to prepare Prelims / Power / Network Prelims cums

Make sure that you are aware of the parts that investigated

Many circuits and sub-headings as possible

Write everything in your own words.

Maximize the use of abbreviations and keywords, the circumstances of the long and complex.


Note-making in Classroom :

If you received a gift, use highlighter economically. It indicated only important concepts.

Use the weakening of the system. If you can not weakening, use your own system is weakened. For example BCO = s, etc.

You should know that the teachers are given support.

Do not try to grab the attention of the whole class in her notebook

It should be noted that the essence of the concept is a key concept Mini

Make a spider diagram easy to understand.

So that’s how you should take notes for your exam preparations. We wish you all the best for you examinations.

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