Improve Reading Skills for Preparation of Your Exam – Study smart tips

By | May 21, 2016

Improve Reading Skills for Preparation of Your Exam – Study smart tips : Today, the competition will grow for all tenders. To be successful in the examination system for all candidates need to have some educational materials. Aspirants have learned many things in a short time. Speed Reading can be a solution to this problem. Speed Reading allows you to become smart readers and readers to work hard. You can improve speed by a few important tips to speed.

Improve Reading Skills for Preparation of Your Exam - Study smart tips

Its purpose is to read. Ask yourself: “What should I read?”. Set goals that will be completed in many parts.

Instead of the title, subtitle and paragraphs at the beginning.

Reading the text, pointing fingers increases concentration reading. Keep your fingers it because it slows down the reading speed. Since the goal is to complete most of the hundreds of pages, finger-pointing or line by line. Remember, your fingers facing your mind speed.Remember does not spread little by little, it can cover kilometers per kilometer.

Understand the power of words. If you find some words, such as “Next”, “to the conclusion” therefore “, which may be partial conclusion. Words such as” extra “,” except to an extend the new concept.

Motivation to succeed. If successfully reading goals.

Avoid oral reading, how to read their lips in slow reading speed.

Prepare a log : Note the progress of reading the newspaper. Take a different speed range of reading texts timing. Comparing data in recent weeks. Find out if the reading speed is increased or decreased. The peak find time to read.

It is more important how much information / facts that have absorbed the number of pages read protected during the investigation.

It’s located in a comfortable position while reading. If you need to do meditation or simple practice under pressure to calm the stress. Never mind, relaxing soak up more depressed mind.


Practice is key to success. The usual practice and improve reading speed. Finally, you may wonder how to read like a robot.

Good luck!

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