Fight Stress during examinations – Study smart tips

By | May 21, 2016

Fight Stress during examinations – Study smart tips : The stress of the pressure, only when the low and controlled. But when it grows up and becomes larger, it is very difficult to treat. This is why the current student commit suicide. Our mind can be compared to balloon. Like a balloon, which is limited capacity to accommodate the air and the mind also bear the pressure when the pressure of the situation is that the bombing as a balloon. Several times in our lives ended like a broken balloons.

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What is the cause of student stress?

  • If the job is not finished on time
  • If you have completed part of the test
  • If you do not have enough money to pay tuition fees
  • Unless someone does not like to get sick
  • If you are away from home to mind their parents always
  • If someone gets hurt

Are there any advantages of the pressure?

They say that, yes. The pressure can be divided into high and low pressure. The pressure is controlled by the lower level, and hereinafter referred to as beneficial pressure. It always ended with a good result. For example, if you have the pressure to complete their tasks when he announced the day before the deadline. You can complete the job during the day and fill up before the deadline. If you have a stress test at the beginning of the school year you can not find out weeks before the final exam day to day, and you get a good result in the test.

Stress Benefits you have to deal with at the right time. This makes it beneficial. But if the stress is not engaged in a timely manner becomes dangerous.

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What are the symptoms of stress?

  • They do not care about anything else
  • Ease of mind upset
  • They eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much and to reduce the pressure. But that does not really work.
  • Developing a sense of inferiority, as other people too much.
  • Malaise, while feverish and sick.

If most of these symptoms can be a lot of pressure. As the high pressure is very dangerous. You need to find some immediate remedy for overcoming stress. Read the following tips will help you get out of the pressure.

How to avoid / cope with the pressure/ stress?

Here are some tips to get out of the stress before you ruined my life.

Sound Sleep
You should take at least 7 hours of sleep. If you feel more stressed and time of day, then an hour of sleep (sleep time is short). Sleep gives the brain at rest because you get fresh when you wake up.

Time Management
The stress comes from the lack of time management. So now, then plan your time effectively and strictly adhere to the plan and you will certainly get out of pressure.

Meditation relieves stress
Meditation is not a word Complex. It’s very simple. Both have to do more breathing exercises to reduce stress. If you do not know how to do yoga breathing. Google and found some simple methods. It really works.

Plenty of Water
Drinking plenty of water can escape from the stress.

Do small Exercise every day
Doing some simple exercises like swimming, running, etc. They can relax in body and mind and reduce stress levels.


Look at yourself
You must understand that you are the only reason for the pressure that you, and not the teachers, parents, friends, or the environment. Sit down and analyze yourself, what about you this much pressure. On average, you will find the two words “attack” and “procrastination”. Accept failure and decide to avoid them in the future.

Avoid inferiority
Do not compare well to you officials. Be aware that you can do better than they are, you need to use time and increase your chances of them. So decide on a day better than they are.

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